Automotive Audio Processing Powered by Audio Weaver®

Spectacular sound … plus voice command, engine sound synthesis, pedestrian warning and more

DSP Concepts’ automotive audio processing technologies apply the power of our Audio Weaver® modular processing environment to the specific needs of the automotive audio industry. With more than 400 processing modules, every audio function in a car—entertainment, voice communications, voice command, engine sound synthesis, surround sound, pedestrian warning and more—can be performed easily, through Audio Weaver’s easy-to-use graphical interface. Whether the system uses SoCs or conventional DSPs, DSP Concepts automotive audio processing lets you deliver the best possible performance and the most satisfying customer experience.


Audio Weaver® Automotive Processing Advantages

Powered by Audio Weaver®
The core of our automotive audio processing technology is Audio Weaver®, our graphical DSP programming environment. Audio Weaver’s more than 400 modules can meet practically any audio processing need in even the most complex automotive audio systems – simply and economically.

DSP Concepts automotive audio processing performs every audio processing function needed in today’s most sophisticated cars, including sound tuning, voice communications, voice command, surround sound, engine sound synthesis, pedestrian warning and more.

DSP Concepts has packaged and configured the necessary audio processing algorithms for the automotive environment – and Audio Weaver’s modular interface makes it easy to tune them and reconfigure them as needed to accommodate new features and design changes.

Speed is critical in automotive development. Our agile, modular design environment means configuring and tuning a car’s audio system won’t introduce new delays in the development schedule.


Automotive Audio Processing Functions

Speaker and subwoofer tuning
Audio Weaver’s automotive audio processing interface provides all the filters, limiters and other processing needed to get optimum sound in any car. Every module is easily adjustable using familiar onscreen controls.

Speaker crossovers
Extensive, fully variable and adjustable filters allow engineers to get the best possible performance from any driver configuration and any driver positions.

Microphone processing and tuning
Our automotive audio processing algorithms can tune and optimize signals for microphones used for voice communications (i.e., hands-free phone calls) to make voices clearer and easier for the person on the other end of the connection to understand.

Microphone noise and echo cancellation
Noises that interfere with microphone operation, such as road and engine noise and the sounds coming from an entertainment system, can be effectively cancelled with Audio Weaver®, allowing clearer voice communications and more reliable voice command functions.

Microphone array beamforming
Our algorithms can process signals from two or more microphones to produce “beaming” pickup patterns to better isolate and clarify the sound of the person speaking. It can automatically focus on the voice of any occupant in a car.

Wake word detection for voice command systems
Our wake word detection algorithm allows any pre-programmed trigger/wake word to activate a car’s voice command functions.

Alert sounds
Any desired alert tones can be provided through Audio Weaver®, whether synthesized (beep/buzzer tones) or sampled (voice feedback).

Engine/operating sound synthesis
The driver/passenger experience can be enhanced through synthesis of engine and operating sounds (such as doors closing), played back through the car’s speakers.

Pedestrian warning
Many countries require quiet electric vehicles to produce warning sounds so pedestrians and cyclists can hear them. Audio Weaver® modules allow synthesis of these sounds and also allow beamforming to direct the sounds forward.


Automotive Audio Design Procedure

Our audio team includes engineers with extensive experience in automotive audio system design and tuning. We can provide precisely the algorithms and configurations you need for your specific application. In addition, DSP Concepts provides custom tuning vehicle services. Contact us for full details.