Complete, Turn-key System Designs

  •   Full System Architecture, including specification of hardware, software, & acoustic components
  •   Audio Feature List Specification
  •   Audio Feature implementation in Audio Weaver
  •   Final Cabin Tuning


Award Winning Cabin Tuning Services

  •   Take advantage of our team’s decades of automotive tuning experience
  •   “Golden Ear” tuning engineers, armed with cutting edge, computer aided design tools.


Audio Weaver Development System

  •   Audio Weaver designs are hardware-independent and OS-agnostic
  •   Scalable designs and multicore support simplify platform management
  •   Open interfaces allow control and tuning via external audio-tools and systems
  •   Automotive Module Pack with vehicle-bus interfaces and support for automotive sound-design 


Automotive Tuning Tools for Audio Weaver

  •   Audio Measurement Suite (AMS) – get acoustic finger print of the vehicle
  •   Audio Tuning Suite (ATS) – computer aided filter design
  •   Audio Prototyping Suite (APS) – Make live, in-car adjustments to audio chain in real-time
  •   Manual Tuning Suite (MTS) – Mixing Console functionality for “Golden Ear” tuners


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