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Normal topic Maximum Number of Channels Limitation
by sharon_8310 on Tue, 12/13/2022 - 2:54pm
3 by DSPC Kyle
Wed, 12/14/2022 - 5:01pm
AWE Designer
Normal topic Exporting design from MATLAB to AWE Designer
by sharon_8310 on Wed, 12/14/2022 - 11:39am
3 by Chris Perry
Tue, 12/20/2022 - 7:34am
AWE Designer
Normal topic AWE unable to connect to the AMLogic A113x Development board
by Mike.delsanto_2443 on Wed, 09/26/2018 - 10:55am
4 by golu121
Wed, 12/21/2022 - 6:50am
Normal topic Matrix Multiplication
by sharon_8310 on Thu, 12/22/2022 - 3:07pm
1 by DSPC Michael
Mon, 01/09/2023 - 3:05pm
AWE Designer
Normal topic ADSP-BF592 not support today?
by Vlad on Wed, 12/08/2021 - 7:26am
2 by chotabheem98
Wed, 01/11/2023 - 8:11am
Audio Weaver® General
Normal topic AWE Standard *.awj to AWE Pro: Unrecognized field name "isInterpreted"
by Toby Newman on Fri, 01/06/2023 - 8:06am
5 by DSPC Michael
Thu, 01/12/2023 - 2:04pm
AWE Designer
Normal topic Control the order of execution
by sharon_8310 on Tue, 12/20/2022 - 8:16am
3 by DSPC Michael
Thu, 01/26/2023 - 5:34pm
AWE Designer
Normal topic Estimation of Memory Size from Memory Usage
by M.S on Thu, 12/22/2022 - 11:00am
5 by M.S
Thu, 01/26/2023 - 11:58pm
AWE Designer
Normal topic Persistence of Module parameters: TPC/IP Server / Tuning Command Syntax
by Rodrigo on Tue, 03/08/2022 - 7:11am
9 by DSPC Michael
Tue, 01/31/2023 - 12:15pm
AWE Core
Normal topic String Module
by aclark on Tue, 01/31/2023 - 11:18am
1 by DSPC Kevin
Tue, 01/31/2023 - 12:17pm
Feature Requests and Bug Reports
Normal topic Manual Profile Layout
by M.S on Thu, 01/26/2023 - 5:21am
7 by DSPC Michael
Mon, 02/06/2023 - 12:26pm
AWE Designer